Warming, Welcoming Bowl of Spiced Lentil & Parsnip Soup, Diced Ham Hock

Platter of Northumbrian Oak Cured Salmon, Horseradish

A feast of all that is Traditional about Christmas Day Lunch

Roast turkey dinner, with all of the trimmings

Proof of the Puddings’

Alnwick rum Christmas pudding with brandy sauce & coffee

Only £16.00 (£12.00 under 12)

Collect between 11:00 and 12:00 December 25th

Traditional Roast Turkey Dinner

With all of the trimmings, plated ready for you to just reheat at a time to suit you on Christmas Day

Choose from a selection of delicious tender roast meats, all served with homemade Yorkshire pudding, lots of roasties, seasonal veg, creamed mash, cauliflower cheese, and of course lashings of real, meaty gravy!

Fresh Roast Chicken £9.95

Slow Roast Shoulder of Pork £9.95

Tender Beef Brisket gently braised £9.95

Mead Baked Ham £9.95

Roast Leg of Lamb in a Mint Gravy £11.95

Additional Meat £3.00

Supplement charge

The Tavern’s Signature Roast Sirloin of Beef £11.95

Long aged on the bone, basted, seasoned and roasted to medium

Full Menu Available

Including an ice cream, please ask server for flavours

Mac & Cheese £5.50

With a slice of garlic bread

Sausages £5.50

With a choice of thin fries or mash and peas or carrots

Homemade Fish Fingers £5.50

With a choice of thin fries or mash and peas or carrots

Steak and Chips £8.50

With a choice of thin fries or mash and peas or carrots

Tavern Burger with Cheese and Relish £5.50

With a choice of thin fries or mash and peas or carrots

Baked potato with a choice of cheese, chilli, cheese and ham £5.50

Ham and Eggs £5.50

With a choice of thin fries or mash and peas or carrots

Chicken Pieces £5.50

With a choice of thin fries or mash and peas or carrots

Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce £5.50

With a slice of garlic bread

Warm Baked Rustic Loaf Basket £3.40

Olive Oil Balsamic Loaf £4.90

Garlic Bread £4.40

Prawn and Crab Cocktail £7.40

On Corn, celery and capsicum, pink sauce

Steakhouse Soup £4.90

With warm cob

Korean Style Chicken Wings £5.90

Crispy, with Sriracha hot chilli sauce

Cauliflower Wings £4.90

Crispy, with Sriracha hot chilli sauce

Pan Fried Garlic King Prawns £8.30

Mushroom and Patatas Bravas £5.90

Pan fried Garlic Mushrooms £3.90

Spam Fritters £3.90

In crisp beer batter, with Broon sauce

Craster Kipper Pate £5.90

With toasted bread

Northumbrian Platter £12.40

Finest quality cheese | Baked ham | Kipper pate | Pickle | Butter | Chutney | Cob

Family Sharing Platter £12.90

Posh fish fingers | Chicken wings | Pork chipolata | Kipper pate | Chutney | Dips | Cob

Tavern Baked Ham & Eggs £11.20

With Tavern chips, peas, fresh eggs

Trio of Amazing Sausages £10.90

On buttery mash, real gravy, and crispy onions

Fish & Chip Feast £12.30

North Sea white fish, in our crispy house beer batter, homemade Tavern chips, Tavern’s own tartare sauce, pickled onion and mushy peas

Slow Braised Northumbrian Casserole £10.90

Tender beef brisket with Craster cured bacon, mushrooms, red wine, vegetables, on a creamy spring onion mash

Macaroni Cheese £5.90 / £8.90

Rich, gooey, cheesey

Macaroni Cheese with Chorizo Crumb £6.90 / £10.40

Rich, gooey, cheesey

Chilli Con Carne £5.90 / £8.30

Sour cream and jalapenos. Small with tortilla chips - Main with rice

Tavern Burger Platter £12.30

Very naughty! Very Nice! Two 100% beef patties, gently pressed, dry-rub seasoned on the outside, then hot griddle, served on a toasted brioche, topped with relish, crispy bacon, cheddar, jalapeno cheese. Served with Tavern chips

Add £2.90

Chilli / Mac & Cheese / Steakhouse pepper sauce

Chicken Sarah Bernhardt £14.40

Saddle Grill classic, chicken breast, house crumbed in a cheese sauce, toasted with cheese, tomato, with Tavern chips and peas

Venison £19.25

Pan fried venison loin, served pink with red wine, blueberries, and bitter chocolate. On pan haggerty and greens

Fresh Mushroom Ravioli £5.90 / £12.35

Mushroom pasta with truffle oil and cream sauce, Parmesan

Northumbrian Ultimate Shepherd’s Pie £13.30

With venison, fresh lamb mince in a rich meaty gravy with redcurrant jelly, veg, topped with a creamed potato and nettle cheese, with crispy onion and red cabbage

Geordie Chop £17.90

Big meaty tender double chop of lamb, red wine & rosemary gravy, mint jelly, pan haggerty and fresh greens

Seafood Linguine £15.90

With king prawn tails, mussels, crab meat, cream, and lemon

Very Slow Roast Belly Pork £13.90

Belly Pork, roasted until moist & tender, crispy skin, mustard gravy, mash and greens

Cod loin with Chorizo Crumb £14.00

Baked, served with Patatas Bravas

Great steaks extra matured, dry and wet, butter basted and rock salt seasoned. Char grilled, served with Tavern homemade chips or baked potato, on the vine tomato

12oz Rump £18.20

Big bold flavours, a proper steak

10oz Ribeye £20.30

The steak lovers steak. Marbled and tender

8oz Prime Fillet steak £26.30

The leanest most render cut of all

8oz Sirloin £18.50

Knighted Loin, good fat covering and flavour

16 oz Platter Sirloin £24.30

A feast of deliciousness

Steakhouse Special £21.90

10oz Prime ribeye steak sautéed in garlic butter, spring onions, mushrooms, tomato, red wine, cream, with pink and green pepper berries, tavern chips and salad

Farm Mixed Grill £17.40

Rump Steak, ham, sausages, with fried eggs, homemade Tavern chips, peas

Surf and Turf £25.30

10oz Prime ribeye steak and succulent king prawns, drenched in Tavern butter and served with chips

One Kilo T-Bone £55.40

Sirloin and fillet on the bone, best of the best

Mixed Salad £5.90

Tomato Red Onion Salad £5.90

2 Free Range Eggs £2.40

Fresh Veg Mix £3.90

Buttery Mash £3.40

Tavern Chips £3.40

Peppercorn Sauce £3.40

Dijonnaise Sauce £3.40

Fresh Onion Rings £3.90

Cheesey Peas £3.40

Baked Potato £2.90

Cauliflower Cheese £2.90

Braised Red Cabbage £3.40

Pan Haggarty £3.90

Thin Fries £3.40

Steakhouse Sauce £3.40

Pan Fried Mushrooms £3.90

Chicken Fillet Winna Burger £9.90

Tavern fried chicken breast, bun with cheeseslaw, jalepeno cheese, baconaise, sweetcorn relish, tomato, Tavern chips

Fish & Chip Butty £5.90

With tartare sauce

With crisps and salad (or soup for £2.00)

Chicken Sandwich £6.40

With mayonnaise & spring onion

Tavern Dressed Crab Sandwich £6.90

Prawn Cocktail Sandwich

Cheese & Pickle Sandwich £4.40

Baked Ham Sandwich £6.40

Tavern Super Steak Baguette £9.90

Strips of prime beefsteak, in olive oil, red onion, cracked pepper, hot-seared, with horseradish cream with thin fries

Add £1.90

Cheese or mushrooms

Tavern Super Slow Cooked Roast Pork Baguette £8.90

With sage and onion stuffing, meaty gravy, with thin fries

Chicken in a Basket £8.90

Crisp chicken leg, with cheeselaw and Tavern chips

Scampi in a Basket £10.20

Homemade, with tartare sauce, Tavern chips, salad

Cheesey Chips £5.90

Topped with mac & cheese and crispy onions

Chilli Chips £5.90

Tavern chilli brisket, sour cream, jalapenos

Hog-wor-t £5.90

Tavern chips, BBQ pork chipolata, baconaise, yellow mustard, bacon dust

Freshly made Beer Battered Onion Rings £3.90

Basket of Korean Style Fried Chicken Wings £8.90

Dbl portion

Food serving hours

Mon - Thu: 12:00 - 15:00, 17:00 - 20:00
Fri: 12:00 - 15:00, 17:00 - 21:00
Sat: 12:00 - 21:00
Sun: 12:00 - 19:30