Warm Baked Rustic Load Basket £3.40

Olive Oil Balsamic Loaf £4.90

Garlic Bread £4.40

Friends Platter £12.90

Posh Fish Fingers | Chicken Wings | Sausage and Belly Pork Tasties | Pot of prawns | Chutney and Dips | Cob Loaf

King Prawn Cocktail £7.40

With apple, celery & capsicum

Loaded mushroom £5.90

With goat’s cheese and cranberry

Craster Kipper Pate £5.90

With toasted wholemeal bread, village cottage chutney

Steakhouse homemade Soup £4.90

Chicken Wings £5.90

Hot and sticky, blue cheese dip

Pan fried Garlic King Prawns £8.30

With Tavern Butter

Fresh Mussels starter £6.90 Main Course £12.40

White Wine Shallots and cream served with warm crusty bread

Loaded Pimento (Vegan) Starter £6.90 main course £12.40

Apple, Avocado, Tomato cous cous seasoned with coriander, chillies and sesame oil

Tavern baked Ham & Eggs £11.20

With twice fried chips, peas and fresh eggs

Trio of amazing sausages £10.90

on buttery mash, real gravy and crispy onions

Fish & Chips Feast £12.30

North sea white fish in our crispy house batter, with homemade chips, Tavern’s own tartare sauce, pickled onion and mushy peas

Slow braised Northumbrian Casserole £10.90

Casseroled with Craster cured Bacon, mushrooms and Alnwick Brown Ale, on creamy spring onion mash

Macaroni Cheese £8.90 (starter available)

served with tossed salad with a Chorizo Crumb Topping £10.00

Chilli Con Brisket £9.30 (starter available)

with rice, sour cream and jalapenos

The Tavern Burger Platter £12.30

Very Naughty! Very Nice! We start with TWO 100% beef patties, gently pressed, dry-rub seasoned on the outside, then hot griddled . Served on a toasted butter-glazed brioche, topped with relish, crisp bacon, Cheddar and jalapeno cheese served with a basket of tavern fries.

ADD £2.90 each

Hot chilli brisket | Pulled BBQ pork | Mac and cheese

Pan Fried Seabass Fillets £16.90

On crushed mint new potatoes with dill whit wine and tomato pesto

Duck Confit £16.30

Slow confit duck leg, fresh zesty orange and lemon sauce, pan haggerty potato, greens

Very slow Roast Belly Pork £13.90

Belly marinated in mead & Geordie Mustard, roasted until moist & tender, crispy. gravy, from the marinade. butter mash, truffle, greens

Venison £19.25

Pan fried venison loin, served pink with red wine, blueberries and a border bitter chocolate

Chicken Sarah Bernhardt £14.40

A Saddle grill classic! Chicken supreme, house crumbed, in cheese sauce, with tomato, chips and peas … mmmmm ….

Sea Food Linguine £15.90

With fresh mussels, king prawn tails, crab meat, cream and lemon

Fresh Wild Mushroom Ravioli £12.35 (Starter available)

wild mushroom pasta with truffle oil and cream sauce, Parmesan

Loaded Mushroom £9.90

Large Flat mushroom shallots, seeds, goats cheese and cranberry jam baked with a herb crumb, cheeslaw and new potatoes

Geordie Chop £17.90

Big meaty tender double chop of Moorland lamb, pot of red wine & rosemary gravy, mint jelly, loaded cheesy baked potato, fresh greens

Northumbrian Ultimate Shepherds Pie £13.30

with venison, fresh lamb mince in a meaty gravy with redcurrants, veg, topped with creamed potato and nettle cheese, with crispy onion and braised red cabbage

Served with Tavern homemade chips or baked potato and a tomato on the vine

8oz Sirloin £17.90

Knighted loin, good fat covering ,great flavour, tenderness

16oz Sirloin £24.30

12oz Rump steak £18.20

Big bold flavours. A proper steak

10oz Rib eye £20.30

The steak lovers steak. Marbled and tender

8oz Fillet £26.30

The leanest, most tender cut. Best medium-rare or butterflied

32oz Tomahawk Rib £45.40

Prime rib, on the bone, best served pink. For a very big appetite, or shared between 2-3

The One Kilo T-Bone £55.40

Sirloin and Fillet Matured and served on the bone, an absolute giant of the best steak we can find, with tasty melting fat around to baste and flavour

Steakhouse Special £21.90

10oz Prime ribeye steak sautéed in garlic butter, spring onions, mushrooms, tomato, cognac, cream, with pink and green pepper berries, fries and salad

Entrecote Frites £17.90

Classic French Bistro cut, with thin fries and Béarnaise sauce

Farm Mixed Grill £17.40

Rump Steak and grilled ham with fried eggs

Surf & Turf £25.30

10 ozTender Ribeye steak and enormous succulent King Prawns, drenched in Tavern butter and served with fries

Mixed Salad £5.90

Fresh Onion Rings £3.90

Tomato & Red onion Salad with Honey mustard dressing £5.90

2 Free Range Fried Eggs £2.40

Cheesy Peas £3.40

Fresh vegetable mix £3.90

Baked Potato £2.90

Pan fried mushrooms £3.90

Buttery Mash £3.40

Pan Haggerty £3.90

Tavern Chips £3.40

Choice of classic Sauces £3.40

Steakhouse Sauce | Pepper Sauce | Dijonaise

Thin Chips £3.40

Cauliflower Cheese £3.90

Braised Red Cabbage £3.40

Food serving hours

Mon - Thu: 12:00 - 15:00, 17:00 - 20:00
Fri: 12:00 - 15:00, 17:00 - 21:00
Sat: 12:00 - 21:00
Sun: 12:00 - 19:30